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Tinnitus Tormenting Your Ears

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Many patients in our dental practice know the phenomenon: Whistles, noises, huzzas or humming in your ear. Luckily, it is only temporary in most cases. If the symptoms persist, it is classified as tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a Disease

Tinnitus is a symptom similar to pain. But at the same time, it is warning a signal indicating physical or psychological excessive demands. Therefore, it is not required to treat the symptom tinnitus but the underlying cause and detailed diagnosis crucial.

Looking for the Cause

Foremost, you should consult and ENT specialist to exclude organic damage of the internal ear. Next to medical cause, more than half of the population supposes stress and noise to trigger tinnitus. Stress affects the chewing apparatus and postural muscles. Problems in denture or jaw can constitute causes for tinnitus. In rare cases, damages in jaw joint capsule play a major role in exacerbating tinnitus.

We take remedial action with a lot of experience and modern techniques. Combining manual temporomandibular analysis with computer-aided measurement of jaw joints, we are able to reveal functional disorders and precisely determine the optimal resting position of the lower joint.


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