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Bleaching - Naturally White Teeth

Dental Advise Regarding Bleaching in Düsseldorf Central.


Primarily, patients want healthy teeth. Nevertheless, questions about how teeth could look "more beautiful" arise more and more. Most common wish: Whiter teeth.

First Step:

Before considering to whiten your teeth, we suggest to remove all discolorations (caused by pigment deposits due to coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine) through professional cleaning. After polishing, the real tooth color can be determined; if you are not satisfied with the result, bleaching can be applied.
Crowns, bridges, veneers and restoration cannot be whitened.

Choose a Suitable Bleaching Technique:

Prophylaxis Plus
Home Bleaching Plus
Home Bleaching Professional
In Office Bleaching

Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to advise you when choosing a suitable bleaching technique.

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