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Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is an umbrella term for various kinds of replacing natural teeth. The overarching goal is to replicate not only chewing function but also aesthetic rehabilitation. Up to date dental prothesis is made of ceramic materials, partly substructured by gold alloying or synthetics.
There are wide ranging possibilities starting from crowns that are permanently embedded in your mouth over crowns until removable partial prothesis or full denture, a combination of implants is very useful in principle.

We are Happy to Advise You

Modern prosthetics techniques allow individual solutions that make chewing and laughing a matter of course again. We are pleased to guide you through the range of dental treatments after careful initial examination. Planning and execution of dental prosthetics is taking place in close collaboration with Dental Laboratories in Germany.

Telescope Dental Prothesis

Therapy by fixed-removable partial protheses would be a good idea if enough tooth substance is preserved but does not allow for fixed crown or bridge. In such cases, we combine primary crowns with deferrable high-end bridges. Visual impact as well as wearing comfort is surprisingly satisfying, patients are pleased with that treatment for several years. This kind of dental prothesis is compatible with implants and offers secure support for the remaining set of teeth. When losing more teeth, telescope dental prothesis can be converted or expanded.


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