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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment aims at preserving a strongly inflamed tooth. It is often the last chance to rescue a tooth and inevitable when resolving pain and removing inflamed nerve tissues. Through latest scientific insights, endodontics enable first-class solutions to treat infections sustainably.

We Fight to Preserve Teeth

Successful root canal treatment is laborious and demands dental skill as well as professional technical equipment. In order to find small arboreal root canals, we constantly operate with a dental microscope.
Effective root treatment prevents unperceived inflammation parameters in your body. Furthermore, this treatment option is a careful and cost-effective alternative to removing a tooth or implantology.


Our dental office practices so-called root canal treatment revisions. When applying this treatment, the old root filling is removed, the root canals are purified, disinfected and filled up again. This approach is time consuming and sensitive to special techniques; it opens unimagined possibilities to preserving a tooth.


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