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Professional Prophylaxis: Healthy Teeth in Düsseldorf.

Professional Dental Cleaning - Prophylaxis

Healthy pretty teeth embody vitality and soulfulness. They are essential for food ingestion and overall well-being and nowadays, even become a status symbol. Fresh breath and brilliant white teeth stand for health and high living standards.
Two signifiant health conditions compromise the image: caries and periodontosis, mainly caused by various bacteria.

Regular Professional Dental Cleaning

For patients with healthy gum, professional cleaning is part of precautionary measures towards caries, gingival inflammation and periodontitis as well as for overall reduction of bacteria.
For patients where the periodontium, i. e. tissues that surround and support teeth, is already affected, professional cleaning constitutes an important step in preparatory and follow up treatments of periodontal therapies to prevent progression of this disease.
Timely intervals between intensive cleaning depend on individual medical conditions and are set in your accordance.

After initial examination, dental plaque is removed via an ultrasonic device and manual instruments. In case of persistent plaque (e.g. smokers, high consume of tea/ coffee), we utilize an airflow applicator. We carefully rinse your teeth and polish and strengthen denture using a fluoride preparation. As teeth surface feels significantly smoother and clean, bacteria are unable to stick to it.

Our friendly staff in prophylaxis department is qualified with a degree from Dental Association Nordrhein and is doing their best to assure careful and sensitive treatment. They review optimal teeth care with our patients and demonstrate dental floss, interdental as well as tongue brushes.


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